What is RPCM® (Renewable Phase Change Material)?

Answer: The only phase change material for body cooling vest on the market that is Completely Safe!

RPCM® (Renewable Phase Change Material) is made from high-technology processed fats and oils - it's classified as "food grade" by the FDA. Think of it as "second generation" phase change material for the 21st century. All other phase change material (PCM) cooling vests use old-style petroleum byproducts like hexadecane, which contain hazardous chemicals. If it doesn't say RPCM®, it's just not safe!

RPCM® Cooling Vests maintain a comfortable 59°F (15°C), while ice or gel based systems are too cold at 32°F (0°C) or less. Learn more about how the body cools and the pros and cons of the various types of cooling vests on the market today. Learn More

RPCM® Cool Packs quickly recharge in only 20 minutes in icewater.  They can also be recharged in a fridge or freezer. Learn More

RPCM® Cooling Vests use Glacier Tek's exclusive, patented thermal energy storage material technology that uses a unique 'green' formula. RPCM® contains absolutely no hazardous ingredients or chemicals and is completely non-toxic. Learn More

RPCM® Cooling Vests are the only thermal energy storage material technology listed by the USDA as BioPreferred.

"Here's what they're saying about RPCM® Cooling Vests!"

As a Department of Defense subcontractor, I just spent 20 months in Iraq working in an open air warehouse where we loaded and unloaded as many as 100 tractor-trailers each day. Daytime temperatures were 145°F in the sun during July and the first couple weeks of August. Temperatures in the shade were a comfortable 125°F. I tell you no one can appreciate the reality of working in these conditions. No one, unless of course you have been there! The RPCM® Cool Vest was my life saver in these conditions. While they functioned for several hours, the best characteristic was the ease of recharging by placing the cool packs in ice water for 15-20 minutes I was then good for another few hours in these conditions. Take a break, ice down the packs, and back to work. As I stated the RPCM® Cool Vest was a life saver (as well as a great tool to avoid distemper!) Thanks!
Lee F. - Roswell, Georgia

"I was really surprised by how quickly the RPCM® Cool Packs solidified in the ice water. When I put on the vest, temperatures were an ambient 111.2° F (44° C) in the shade, and I could feel relief from the heat right away! While I was racing, I almost forgot I was wearing the RPCM® Cooling Vest because it never got in the way, and I never got flustered while driving due to heat stress. I know from experience getting hot can do that. Once the race was over, I put the Cool Packs back into the cooler and my vest was ready in time for my next race.“
Sarah - Toowoomba, Australia

"Living with Multiple Sclerosis can be difficult in so many ways. One of my major symptoms is that I am heat intolerant. Prior to being diagnosed I exercised my entire life. Since my diagnosis I have been unable to exercise with any regularity or intensity and I am almost home bound during the summer months. I was extremely skeptical at first about the RPCM® Cooling Vest, but it has changed a major portion of my life. I may never achieve what I did before MS but at least I am still in the game. It is so effective and simple to use and on top of that it works. Thank you. I highly recommend it to any one that suffers from any form of heat intolerance."
Brad H.

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