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Cool Vest is Green!
Our unique RPCM® Cool Vest
uses the only bio-based
PCM which contains no
hazardous chemicals.
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Multiple Sclerosis Cooling Vest

Glacier Tek began a program in 2003 to help provide cooling vests for MS sufferers at reduced costs.  Additionally besides helping multiple sclerosis patients receive cooling vests at a discount, we also make a donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Society each time we sell a vest under our MS discount program.

It's a simple program we call the 3D Program (Discount, Donate, and make a Difference) and here is how it works:

You identify any model of RPCM® Cooling Vest as the right choice for helping you tolerate heat stress symptoms.  You go online to our secure website to order a cooling vest for yourself.  When prompted for a COUPON CODE immediately before the final checkout screen, you will enter MS-XXXXX.  (Important: Don't actually use XXXXX, instead you replace the XXXXX with the 5-digit zip code for your local MS chapter.)

This will cause several things to happen:

1. You will get the RPCM® Cooling Vest, the best cooling vest in the world to help you enjoy an active lifestyle when it's hot.
2. You will get a 10% instant Discount on every cooling vest and cooling vest accessory that you order.
3. Your local MS chapter will get a $10 Donation mailed to them from us to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.
4. Your local chapter will get one "Difference-Point" from Glacier Tek.  Each RPCM® Cool Vest that we sell under an MS coupon code will cause your local chapter to get a "point."  Upon accumulation of 10 points, we will send a FREE cooling vest to that chapter so that they may use it as a loaner or present it to a person in need who may not be able to afford one privately. (Making a Difference.)

Contact us or your local chapter for more information.  To get started right now...just know your local chapter's zip code and click on our STORE tab at the top of this page to start your order.  Please contact us with any questions...we'll be more than glad to help you with anything you need.  We want you to be cool RIGHT NOW!

Anyone needing to verify authenticity may look at the NMSS website here for verification that this program is valid and in effect.


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