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Why Glacier Tek is different. And better.

Glacier Tek Cool Vests are designed to help keep your body cool and comfortable even in the harshest of environments. And how is this achieved? Through innovation.

While other cooling vests rely on less-than-ideal methods to cool you down, Glacier Tek takes a different approach. Each of the Glacier Tek Cool Vests include a set of GlacierPacks-cooling packs that are manufactured using the only phase change material (PCM) on the market to carry the USDA Certified BioPreferredĀ® label. This distinction means the packs are free from hazardous ingredients or materials, making Glacier Tek Cool Vests the only cooling vests on the market that are completely safe for the wearer as well as the environment.


Learn about the dangers of heat stress and why a cool vest isn't just suitable for hot weather, but also ideal if you work in a high temperature environment.

Discover why our biobased phase change material is not only better for the environment, but for your body as well.