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Your guide to staying safe and comfortable.

No matter how good a product may be, it must be used correctly and responsibly to be effective. Please note that our cool vests and body cooling products are intended only to help fight the potentially adverse affects of extreme temperatures on the body. They have not been designed or tested for medical purposes, and we do not make any medicinal or therapeutic claims.

Customers are instructed to consult their physicians or health-care providers prior to use of any product or engagement in any activity that can conceivably affect one's health or medical condition in any way. Glacier Tek products are not medical devices and Glacier Tek, Inc. and subsidiaries make no claim of efficacy in treating specific symptoms. Glacier Tek specifically disclaims that our products will treat, heal, lessen, manage, cure or prevent disease.

Due care should be used to prevent damage to the product and any cooling pack that becomes damaged or develops a leak should be removed from service immediately. Phase Change Materials have high flash points, but like people they can burn at a high enough temperature. No cooling vests should be exposed to open flame or allowed to come into contact with any ignition source.

If you lend or share your Cool Vest or components of it, please remember to also share the product literature, including warnings and instructions, with the users.